Christmas day weather

Weather around South Africa on Christmas day will range from boiling hot to cloudy with a chance of rain in the Eastern Cape. Photo: Unsplash

BEACHES: Swimming, drinking, partying, here’s what you need to know

eThekwini Municipality is ready to host thousands of holidaymakers on its golden mile beaches during the upcoming December holidays.

Christmas day weather

Weather around South Africa on Christmas day will range from boiling hot to cloudy with a chance of rain in the Eastern Cape. Photo: Unsplash

The eThekwini Municipality is pulling out all stops to ensure the safety of thousands of holidaymakers who are expected to descend on its beaches and entertainment venues during the December holidays.

Safety on eThekwini beaches

eThekwini Municipality has assured locals and visitors alike that safety and security is a priority. The city’s law enforcement officials and lifeguards have undergone intensive training to ensure that they are ready for any eventuality.

Around 65 beach guides will be stationed across various beaches to be at the service of visitors. An additional 120 lifeguards have also been deployed.

Approximately 2000 Metro Police officers will be out in full force to guard against anything that may threaten the rule of law. They will be supported by members of the SAPS. The city has also procured the services of private security personnel to beef up security. Beach Law Enforcement Officers will conduct regular patrols at all beaches.

The city has also made 200 000 identity wristbands available for children visiting beaches, to make it easy to re-unite lost children with their families. A total of 38 child-minders are on standby to look after lost children until they are reunited family members.

Swimming pools

The COVID 19 hard lockdown impacted the city’s plans to repair some swimming pools. Despite this, 35 pools are opened for the public this festive season. They will be operational from 06:00 to 17:00. Repairs to other pools are underway.

Beach operating hours

Alcohol is strictly prohibited at the beachfront. Any liquor found will be confiscated. Beach Law Enforcement teams will work on shifts from 06:00 to 18:30. Toilets and ablution facilities will be open from 06:00 to 20:00 from Monday to Thursday. During the weekend and on public holidays, services will be available from 06:00 to 22:00. A 24-hour service will be provided at Point, Addington, South, CAC, New beach, Country Club, Thekwini and Bay of Plenty beaches. Bathing at all bathing beaches will be allowed from 06h00 and 18h30 daily. The eThekwini Municipality has also procured portable toilets to be placed in strategic areas to augment capacity of existing infrastructure. Fishing north of the Umgeni River is still prohibited following the UPL chemical spillage that happened during the July unrest.

Refuse collection

In anticipation of the huge amount of solid waste that is going to be generated during this period, the Durban Solid Waste (DSW) Unit has appointed 135 additional staff. DSW staff will work 16 hours a day to keep up with the demand for cleaning services. The Municipality appeals to the public to keep the city clean by disposing of litter in garbage bins provided across the city.

Traffic control

Given the high volume of traffic associated with this period at the beach front, access to certain roads will be controlled via boom gates. Road safety campaigns are afoot to deal with unroadworthy vehicles, drunken drivers and any other irresponsible conduct. To ease traffic congestion, a ‘Park and Ride’ facility will be available at no cost to the public at the old Drive-In site. The city appeals to the public to always obey traffic officers’ instructions to ensure a safe festive period.


Covid-19 numbers are increasing country-wide and residents and visitors are urged to be vigilant and to strictly observe all health safety protocols. Vaccination sites will continue operating during the holiday period and the public is urged to vaccinate.