Dudu Myeni

Photo:: GCIS

JUST IN: Dudu Myeni pleads guilty for naming Zondo Commission witness

Ex-SAA chair Dudu Myeni revealed the identity of ‘Mr X,’ a protected witness at the State Capture Commission of Inquiry in November 2020

Dudu Myeni

Photo:: GCIS

Former South African Airways (SAA) Chairperson Dudu Myeni has pleaded guilty to charges of defeating the ends of justice for revealing the name of a protected witness at the State Capture Commission of Inquiry.

Myeni appeared at the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, 27 July 2022.

In November 2020, Myen appeared at the commission to give evidence related to her tumultous tenure at the national carrier – when she named ‘Mr X’ twice while giving testimony on live camera. The proceedings were being broadcast on all major TV news channels at the time.

Myeni blurted out the identity of “Mr. X” while engaged in a discussion with Raymond Zondo:

“I’m going to ask you as well stoically… This is a distraction of a family member. Mr. X [identifying him] is my family, his children are my children. He’s my brother,” she said.


Dudu Myeni has been fined R120 000 or two years imprisonment, along with her guilty plea. Half of the fine has been suspended for a period of five years.

Myeni is reported to have entered into a plea agreement with the state in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court, where the matter was heard. She paid R30 000 of the fine, while the second R30 000 is expected on or before 29 August 2022.

Myeni’s legal counsel told the court that she has admitted to the wrongfulness of what she did and has also not attempted to evade justice in the matter. They also reminded the court that she isn’t gainfully employed and hasn’t had a regular income since 2017.

Myeni can also not pursue any business interests, due to a ruling that declared her a delinquent director. In December 2019, the North Gauteng High Court ruled in favour of Outa and said the group had been representing taxpayers who had an interest in the matter as they partly footed the bill for SAA.