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Minister of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO), Naledi Pandor / Image: GCIS

‘No justification’: DIRCO condemns Israeli attacks on Gaza

DIRCO Minister Naledi Pandor has called for dialogue and negotiations, in the wake of Israeli forces’ attacks on Gaza

students Russia Mpumalanga Department of Education

Minister of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO), Naledi Pandor / Image: GCIS

The Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) has weighed in on the recent attacks from Israeli armed forces against Gaza, which show no signs of slowing down.

Israel’s military launched air strikes for a second day on Saturday, which were aimed at militant targets in Gaza. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, more than 200 people have been injured and 24 people killed in the escalation, among them a five-year-old girl, Alaa Qadoum, who was killed by the first Israeli airstrikes on Friday, and two women, aged 23 and 79.

DIRCO says it is particularly concerned that statements made by the Israeli hint at the attacks continuing, further placing more innocent people’s lives at risk.

“Attacks that kill innocent civilians have no justification, and they are more abhorrent as they are committed by an occupying power which has besieged the Gaza Strip for over a decade in contravention of international law. As an occupying power, Israel has specific obligations in terms of international human rights and humanitarian law, which it continues to breach without being held accountable,” DIRCO’s spokesperson Clayson Monyela said in a statement on Saturday.


In addition, DIRCO says Israeli forces killing children in its attacks against Gaza needs to be addressed. It says international community has an obligation to ensure that international law is not violated indiscriminately and to urgently stop the Israeli occupation forces repeated attacks against civilians.

DIRCO Minister Naledi Pandor has reiterated her concerns over the ongoing attacks.

“Israel’s security and that of its future generations do not lie in the annexation of all Palestinian territories, the imprisonment of Palestinians, the erecting of high concrete walls and checkpoints, or the continued blockade of Gaza. Rather it lies in a peaceful and stable neighbour, a sovereign and independent Palestinian State, whose children, like Israeli children, can go to school, play, attend places of worship and compete in sporting activities in peace and security. This can be achieved through sustained dialogue, negotiations and mediation, by both sides respecting one another and through compromise and understanding,” Pandor said.