Cape Town bar bills

It’s understood that one patron owes R224 000 to to the club – Photo: Saint Champagne Bar / Facebook

Popular Cape Town bar names and shames non-paying customers!

Everyone’s a player in the club – until it’s time to settle your bar bills! This establishment in Cape Town has gone in all guns blazing…

Cape Town bar bills

It’s understood that one patron owes R224 000 to to the club – Photo: Saint Champagne Bar / Facebook

Oh dear, oh dear. The Saint Champagne Bar in Cape Town has taken the unusual step of naming and shaming patrons who have failed to settle their enormous bar bills. These ‘drink-and-dashers’ have since had their images and social media handles shared online.

Cape Town bar bills
People have praised the establishment for chasing down these high bar bills – Photo: Saint Champagne Bar / Facebook

On the naughty list: Who hasn’t paid their tab yet?

The drastic action seeks to draw a line in the sand. One too many ‘high rollers’ have walked into the establishment, run up a huge tab, and decided not to square-up with the venue. On Sunday, Saint put out the following warning on their Twitter and Instagram pages:

“This is an urgent notice to all customers owing Saint Champagne Bar: If you have not attempted to settle your bill, or have not reached out to us to make an arrangement, we will have no choice but to post your pictures at 19:00 on Sunday evening.” | Saint Champagne Bar

Saint Champagne Bar gets tough with Cape Town ‘deadbeats’

For most of those with bar debts, they managed to meet the 19:00 deadline. The consequences for those who didn’t, however, have been nothing short of humiliating. At least four people were publicly shamed. However, one of the quartet *did* payout shortly afterwards.

Three profiles remain pinned to Saint’s social media profiles, though. Their firm commitment to taking what is rightfully theirs will continue indefinitely. Some customers, who have asked for an extension to the deadline, have been given until 21:00 on Wednesday to cough-up.

Cape Town bar ‘gets tough’ on non-paying customers

Alas, there remains a trio of customers who are facing more public embarrassment…

Staff at Saint have vowed to ‘repost offenders every week’, until outstanding debts have been paid. And, with the bar’s social media presence growing, the pressure has been ramped-up against these defaulters.

“Firstly, thank you to all who have paid in full, paid partly, or reached out to make arrangements. We are grateful. To you customers that have asked for an extension, you have until 19:00 SHARP on Wednesday 9 November to settle your bills.”

“To those we have already posted about, we will continue to psot your image and social media profile every week, until you can clear your outstanding debts with us. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.” | Saint Champagne Bar