mongameli bobani motion of no confidence NMB

Photo: @BobaniMayor / TW

NMB pulls out on Bobani motion of no confidence due to “safety concerns”

The matter has been postponed indefinitely.

mongameli bobani motion of no confidence NMB

Photo: @BobaniMayor / TW

The Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB) metro has confirmed that the scheduled motion of no confidence in mayor, Mongameli Bobani, has been stricken off the agenda.

Bobani, it seems, has yet again, survived an attempt to have him removed from his seat of power only days after opposition and coalition partners had sworn that he would be out of a job by the end of this week.

Mongameli Bobani vs NMB: Why was the motion cancelled?

Bobani, in his media run, had oddly maintained a certain cool in his demeanour. It was almost disturbing. There he was, on the cusp of being booted out by the very same faction that had preferred him over the DA’s Athol Trollip.

However, strangely enough, whenever he was asked about his thoughts on the motion of no confidence vote, he scoffed it off in laughter.

He even swore, on the eve of the motion, that he would still be in power come close of business, on Thursday. Well, it appears that Bobani has, somehow, found a way to dodge yet another bullet.

NMB’s council speaker, Buyelwa Mafaya, issued a notice, on Thursday morning, that the motion of no confidence, initially tabled by the DA, has been stricken off the agenda due to ‘safety concerns’.

While the speaker’s office has yet to issue a formal directive on the matter, it is believed that there has been a threat placed against those who were going to vote against Bobani.

Mafaya further alleged that she was forced to make the decision after consultation with the police advised her to do so in the interest of protecting the councillors.

However, reports suggest that the police have categorically denied this claim.

Political parties react to the cancellation

The ANC also did a u-turn and denied all claims suggesting that they had been in bed with the DA, in an effort to oust Bobani.

“The ANC has no strategic or critical relations with the Democratic Alliance. In terms of their political posture, our ideological orientations are at diametrically opposed positions. So, I just think it is opportunistic of the DA to say such. So, we have no relations with the DA,” the ANC’s regional task team coordinator, Luyolo Nqakula told reporters.

UDM leader, Bantu Holomisa chalked this development as “a blow to the DA’s Trollip who still dreams of becoming a mayor again.”

At the moment, the official word is that the motion has been postponed. It is not clear, at this stage, if the matter will be rescheduled. The DA had not released a statement at the time of publishing this article.