bitter man

Bitter ex was in court for shooting his ex-girlfriend. Photo: web.

Bitter man shoots ex-girlfriend over new lover

A bullet remains lodged in the jaw of a woman who was shot by her bitter ex-boyfriend. The bitter man opened fire attempting to kill her

bitter man

Bitter ex was in court for shooting his ex-girlfriend. Photo: web.

A bitter man is facing an attempted murder conviction after shooting his ex-girlfriend this past week.


Detectives tasked with investigating serious violence cases at the Ivory Park Police Station arrested the 40-year-old man for the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend in Allandale, Kaalfontein.

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According to the statement, the suspect paid an unannounced visit about a week or so ago to his 38-year-old girlfriend who resides on the same street. Upon arrival, he knocked but was refused entry and that was when he shot his ex-girlfriend about four times, on the upper body and the hand.


The statement detailed that the bitter man wanted to shoot the ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend.

Since then the police have been on his trail and was eventually captured last Thursday.

The bitter man’s victim (ex-girlfriend) is reported to be still in hospital with one bullet still lodged in her jaw.


Brigadier David Mbongeni Ngcobo, the station commander of the Ivory Park, has urged victims or potential victims of domestic violence to seek help as soon as the signs begin to show.

“In most situations, the perpetrator would show that they are into abusive behaviour. And more often victims tend to ignore this until the problem has snowballed,” said Brigadier Ngcobo.

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He went on to say: “some of the tell-tale signs are controlling behaviour such as deciding for the victim who should they relate and not relate with, stalking, going through the phones etc.”

“Victims should guard for the above and seek help as soon as possible, preferably from the police or even from their families”.

Bitter man accused of shooting his ex appeared in court. Photo: Tembisa Magistrate’s Court/ Google Maps.

“For the victims of gender-based violence residing within the Ivory Park SAPS policing precinct help is available from its victim empowerment centre, operating on a 24-hour basis. And victims can always call the police’s crime stop at 08600 10111 or 112 from their cellphones.”

Brigadier Ngcobo

The suspect, in this case, appeared in the Tembisa Magistrate’s Court today, Monday, 22 August facing a charge of attempted murder.

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