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Astounding: CEO of Just Coal admits paying ANCYL to help with termination of contract

Wait, what?!

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It’s a weird world with the CEO of a coal company admits live on air that he “donated” R500 000 to the ANCYL with the expectation that they would influence Mr Koko, the acting CEO of Eskom, to maintain a coal supply contract with Just Coal.

Yet, that’s exactly what happened on The Eusebius McKaiser Show this week.

Eskom gave notice to terminate the contract with Just Coal after 10 years so CEO Joe Singh sought help from the ANCYL with the Sunday Times reporting that Collen Maine accepted the donation and promised to help stop the scrapping of the contract. They, however, deny that the donation can be considered a bribe.

Singh told McKaiser:

“My expectation whether they would help, not my hope, is that they will ultimately deliver. So as much as you’d have an expectation, we moved in five or six different ways and whichever was a good cause, we thought let’s use it and if it doesn’t, then we’ll continue doing what we do.”

 Listen to the interview with Joe Singh of Just Coal below


Breaking the law

The response, as you can imagine has been somewhat staggering.

Legal expert Cathy Powell says she believes Singh might have publicly admitted to committing a crime.

“It is a crime under the Prevention and Combating Corrupt Activities Act to give a benefit or gratification to somebody with the intent of getting that person to do something unlawful.”