Artificial humans farmed for m

Artificial humans farmed for medical testing… surprised?

Nope, this isn’t sci-fi fantasy and we’re not referring to ‘The Matrix’. Soon we’ll see farmed human beings being used for testing, instead of animals.

Artificial humans farmed for m

Millions of animals die every year as a result of medical and pharmaceutical testing, with the sole purpose of their death being the advancement of our own well being. Well, looks like there’s about to be a (dark) shake-up of the status quo, if some major companies have their way.

Introducing farmed mini-humans. Dr. Evil would be so proud, he’s finally left a legacy other than a balding son. Already, human parts are being grown and connected to machines, allowing for the testing of advanced medicines and other pharma products; soon, however, we might see farms stocked with human test subjects instead of animals.

Entry-level specimens, in fact, are already being used, according to the Times of India. These alpha versions are made up of  a gut, heart, lung, liver and kidney and are already being used to test cosmetics that used to be tested on animals.

These mini-me’s are being bred to simulate the response of humans to substances inhaled, absorbed through the gut, or entering the bloodstream.

Human harvesting and testing farms are already in in their Beta phases, and could potentially replace all animal testing within three years.

Good for the animals, but where do we draw the ethical line?