Road freight is the backbone o

Road freight is the backbone of Sub-Saharan economies, so why not make sure the workhorses of our trade are protected?

Are you in the road freight trade? Budget Insurance can offer optimum cover for you and your business vehicle

Road freight is the backbone o


Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are exceedingly important for sustained growth, especially in a developing economy like ours.

Whether from SA to Namibia for marine equipment or trucking food to what’s left of Zimbabwe; local transport companies have capitalised on the gap in organised transport in Southern Africa. This means a boom in private transport companies and the subsequent need to protect these assets.

Road freight alone is one of the largest means for SA to flex its trade muscles within Sub-Saharan Africa and, as we’re breadwinner of the region, our privatised companies have to enjoy some form of protection.

Trucks, in all shapes and sizes are the doers of the ever-expanding road-freight network, but it’s not always easy to get them covered, as they often leave our borders to do their jobs.

The larger the vessel however, the higher the insurance; that is, unless you’re talking to the right guys. For the sake of your business, it’s best to ensure that you have your truck / business vehicle insured against any potential damage. As it stands if you’re in the transport, logistics and supply chain management trade, one of your most heavily invested in and expensive assets will be your truck or business vehicle.

There are quite a number of elements that need to be taken into consideration, when estimating the level of insurance that you may require for your 10 tonners; and this has as much to do with where your fleet is being transported to, the weight that needs to be carried as well as the distance that it will be transported to.

If you’re just starting out in the transport sector and have invested in a 10 ton truck for your business, your first point of call should be to get the optimum cover for your business vehicle.This is a classic case, where you could end up losing everything before you’ve even started, if you don’t adhere to certain quality requirements in terms of the business vehicle that you’re using as well as the level of risk you’re insured against through your business vehicle cover. Budget Insurance offers a number of cover options ranging from the full comprehensive cover to the Third party, Fire and theft and third party cover only, should you merely be able to afford the primary cover for business vehicles.

With more trucks and bulkier business vehicles on the road, it’s really important to ensure that you have some degree of insurance cover in place. Fatal accidents involving larger vehicles are a common occurrence, and without the proper cover there’s very little chance you’ll come off unscathed… even if you weren’t the one in the driver’s seat. Get your ducks in a row, like yesterday!

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