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Appletiser asks for return of toxic drinks that cause vomiting and nausea

Appletiser has recalled its stock with ‘unacceptable standards’. The fruit juice company is concerned about customers’ wellbeing.


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Appletiser South Africa has released a statement to recall toxic stock bottles that do not meet acceptable standards, the announcement was made on Thursday 23 September.


The company’s laboratory testing team confirmed that the products have toxins that do not meet acceptable standards.

The company said the urgent decision was made to protect customers’ wellbeing. The fruit juice company said the affected stock that is already in the market and therefore should be returned with immediate effect.

“Following a standard quality testing routine, six specific batches of Appletiser were revealed to be outside of the acceptable standards,” Appletiser said.

“The health and wellbeing of our consumers is our primary concern and we have taken a decision to withdraw all affected stock from the market nationwide, with immediate effect.”

A consumer expert further said that the customers and businesses that recently purchased the drinks should check expiry dates.


According to Acting Consumer Commissioner Thezi Mabuza, the company’s lab found drinks with mycotoxin patulin exceeding 50 micrograms. The toxicity could lead to vomiting, nausea as well as gastrointestinal symptoms.

The company then listed all the affected products with relevant expiry dates. They range from 1.2 litre bottles to small cans. The expiry dates start from 7 November 2021 up to mid-June 2022.

Appletiser products that are recalled:

  • 1.2 litre – best before date 7 Nov 2021,
  • 750ml non-returnable glass – best before 30 May 2022,
  • 275ml non-returnable glass – best before 10 Jun 2022,
  • Slender 330ml can – best before 18 May 2022,
  • Slender 330ml can – best before 19 May 2022,
  • Slender 330ml can – best before 23 May 2022.

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