ANC turns on its own, condemns

ANC turns on its own, condemns Maine’s call to ‘take up arms to defend Zuma’

The ruling party’s implosion continues unabated following remarks by Youth League president Collen Maine that veterans should “take up arms in defence of president Jacob Zuma.”

ANC turns on its own, condemns

What is it with Youth League leaders and calls to defend Zuma through violence? First Malema and now Maine.

Anyway, the ANC is less than impressed with comments Maine made at Saturday’s “Hands off Zuma” march, organised by the eThekwini ANC branch as a show of force in support of el presidente.

Maine charged the Umkhonto We Sizwe Military Veterans Association with the task of taking up arms “in defence of president Zuma.”

The ruling party, however, condemned the Youth League leaders comments, labelling them reckless, adding that freedom of speech does not extend to making inflammatory remarks.

“We are of the view that the freedoms enjoyed in South Africa today came at a very heavy price. Those freedoms do not extend to inflammatory language that we have seen. We are of the view that challenges facing our society needs decisive leadership and definitely not talks that calls on others to take up arms,” said the ANC’s Khusela Sangoni.