ANC MPs show the EFF who reall

ANC MPs show the EFF who really runs Parliament

The EFF really can’t catch a break these days. What with their party foundations crumbling and members in jail for murder… now, on top of that, the ANC has decided they will decide what EFF members may or may not wear in parliament.

ANC MPs show the EFF who reall

Yes folks, the ANC is using its vast resources to, wait for it… decide on parliamentary dress-code for those naughty EFFing EFF-ers.

So, according to the ANC, their MPs are in parliament to “represent the party’s interests above all others,” essentially admitting that they have no desire to serve the people as is the norm in any parliament worldwide and certainly the MO of ours.

The party added that they’ve had it up to here with members not serving the ANC – how foolish of us to think that their members would have the best interests of the people in mind – and that ‘y’all had better start towing the party line yo’.

Doris Dlakuda, Nyami Booi and Lemias Mashile of the ANC called for “dignified dress to return to the house”, taking aim at the EFF’s red hard-hats and overalls – where do people work in red overalls? – and also slammed Malema’s crumbling party for their preposterous suggestion that votes cast in parliament should be done so in secret. Quick tut: should ballots be cast in secret, the ANC wouldn’t be able to force all their MPs to vote along party lines and parliament might actually do its job.

In a five-hour long meeting, the parliamentary rules sub-committee aka ANC-dominated sub-committee flogged the EFF and that’s that… or else it’s the naughty corner for the red-hats.