Zuma’s decisions are irrationa

Zuma’s decisions are irrational and invalid, constitutional court

This was the outcome of a Concourt ruling on an act signed into law by el presidente himself, in March last year.

Zuma’s decisions are irrationa

In a grand move of attempted social engineering, Zuma approved a law that essentially restricts the occupational movements of healthcare workers, stopping them from working wherever they choose to.

The sections of the National Health act that would have been affected essentially forced doctors, occupational therapists and optometrists to apply for a “certificate of need” — read: modern passbook – so that they may work wherever they choose to.

Realising that he’d f*cked up, the big man himself tried to withdraw the law, but unfortunately there are no takebacksies when it comes to the LAW! The only folks that can do that are those clever people sitting in the Constitutional Court.

No harm no foul though, as it’s been scrapped now, but to add insult to injury, the Concourt judges added that el president had been “led astray by his advisers’ mistaken counsel” – go figure.