ATM scammers

Alleged ATM scammers arrested in PMB. Photo: Mi7/ Facebook.

Alleged Joburg ATM scammers nabbed in KZN

Two alleged ATM scammers from Johannesburg were nabbed in the capital of KwaZulu-Natal after being flagged by a surveillance system

ATM scammers

Alleged ATM scammers arrested in PMB. Photo: Mi7/ Facebook.

Two alleged Johannesburg ATM scammers were arrested in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, earlier today, Thursday, 14 July.

Owing to the Mi7 Surveillance System, a Mi7 surveillance system equipped with Navic’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition software flagged a grey Hyundai used by the alleged ATM scammers in the commission of crimes in Johannesburg.

The surveillance camera flagged the vehicle’s registration plates on Victoria Road, according to the security company.


“It is believed the vehicle was used by suspects who allegedly defrauded a woman at an ATM in the Midrand area last month,” part of the statement read.

“Once the vehicle was flagged by the surveillance system, Mi7 Control Room Operators worked quickly to contact the police’s investigating officer in Johannesburg, who provided a description of the suspects.

Mi7 Armed Response units were immediately dispatched and began a widespread search for the vehicle. Eventually, the vehicle was spotted and brought to a swift halt.

The occupants matched the description of the alleged scammers provided by the investigating officer, and the pair were apprehended on site,” the statement read.

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The matter was handed over to the police for further investigation.

“This is yet another success brought on by Mi7’s surveillance net. It shows that no matter where in the country criminals commit a crime, they can be caught when entering a Mi7-protected community,” the company further commented.

To prove the prevalence of ATM scams in Gauteng, in 2020 a suspected ATM scam artist was stopped in his tracks by an angry crowd in Pretoria after he was accused of trying to defraud bank customers.

The scammer was manhandled and assaulted by the angry patrons, however, the intervention of security guards in the shopping centre prevented further punishment to the alleged scam artist.