Afternoon Protest Update: How

Afternoon Protest Update: How they unfolded across the country [video]

Large numbers and a few small sprinklings of chaos.

Afternoon Protest Update: How

It’s after 3PM on Friday the 7th of April, all across the country South Africans have been taking to the streets in protest against President Jacob Zuma. Many South Africans have been calling for Zuma to go after he fired respected Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, the president had a few supporters of his own on the streets though.

With most of the marches beginning to wrap up now, in Cape Town, reports indicate that over 50 thousand people marched to Parliament.

In Joburg, The DA and Maimane led march also picked up big numbers.

The DA almost ran into some problems though ANC supporters were blocked from heading towards the march by police. Rubbers bullets were fired.

SaveSA led a large group of protestors to the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

Thousands turned out in Durban too…

The ANC Youth League were also in the Durban streets, showing SUPPORT for Zuma.

Chaos soon broke out as ANCYL members clashed with SAPS officials.

There had been some controversy over 600 MK Veterans stationed outside ANC headquarters Luthuli house. They ended up saving the day though, 4 DA supporters walked into the building with an anti-Zuma banner. ANCYL supporters were furious, they were held back by the vets as they escorted the DA supporters to safety.

Tensions are rising in Saxonworld outside the Gupta compound as pro-Zuma protesters attempt to outsing anti-Zuma and Gupta protesters.

On a separate note… These grannies have been going Viral for their anti-Zuma dance.

We will have more details as they happen throughout the day.