Watch: Stun grenade fired outs

Watch: Stun grenade fired outside Gupta family compound [video]

More problems for the Guptas, right outside their front door.

Watch: Stun grenade fired outs

The last few hours has seen a stream of protesters camp outside the Gupta family compound in Saxonwold. It started off with a growing number of anti-Zuma (and Gupta) marchers, as the numbers grew pro-Zuma Black First Land First (BLF) protesters arrived, tension began to rise as the groups attempted to outshout and outsing each other.

BLF members argued that white people should not come attack one family when it is white people that “own most of the companies on the JSE”. The group also held up signs saying #HandsOfZuma.

As tensions continued to rise between the different groups, a few arguments broke out and police moved closer to the group and got ready to act.

While all this was going on, eNCA Senior Anchor Iman Rappetti was conducting a live interview with one of the anti-Zuma protesters. A few seconds in, a bang goes off near the camera as people ran, the interviewee fell to the ground and Iman was hit with shrapnel on her calf.

An eyewitness has told the media that SAPS threw the grenade after threatening protesters to disperse, protesters were also apparently threatened with rubber bullets.

It appears that SAPS officers fired the explosive device. Check out the footage below.