Thapelo Amad City of Johannesburg

City of Joburg Executive Mayor, Thapelo Amad and Council Speaker, Colleen Makhubele. Images: and Facebook/ Colleen Makhubele.

‘Puppet mayor’: ActionSA to submit no confidence motion against Thapelo Amad

City of Johannesburg Mayor Thapelo Amad might face his first no confidence motion along with Speaker Colleen Makhubele.

Thapelo Amad City of Johannesburg

City of Joburg Executive Mayor, Thapelo Amad and Council Speaker, Colleen Makhubele. Images: and Facebook/ Colleen Makhubele.

ActionSA in the City of Johannesburg says it will submit motions of no confidence in Executive Mayor Thapelo Amad, Council Speaker Colleen Makhubele, and others on Tuesday, 11 April.

The party labelled Amad as a puppet and said it will submit motions of no confidence against all those who were appointed through crooked dealings between the ANC Gauteng Provincial Chairperson, Panyaza Lesufi, and the EFF.


ActionSA Caucus spokesperson in the City of Johannesburg, Sthembelo Majola, said Mayor Amad, which he labelled as an expedient candidate between the ANC and EFF’s coalition of doom, has time and time again proven to be woefully ill-equipped and unable to articulate a coherent plan of action and vision for the City.

He said since Amad’s election, service delivery in Johannesburg has rapidly deteriorated, with heaps of rubbish piling on the City’s streets.

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Majola also accused Makhubele of using ill health as an excuse not to attend to her duties in the City of Johannesburg council but was spotted in the City of Tshwane on the same day attending to internal COPE squabbles.

Majola said this is simply inexcusable, and the people of Johannesburg deserve better.

“While political differences may have characterised the tenure of previous Mayors and Speakers, it would be safe to say that residents and businesses are embarrassed by what the ANC and EFF have served up to lead the economic hub of our country,” he said.


ActionSA said it is firm in its belief that the people of Johannesburg voted for change in the 2021 municipal elections by drastically reducing the ANC’s majority, and the mayor, speaker, and other office bearers’ elections were due to back-handed dealings by ANC’s Gauteng Province Chairperson Panyaza and the EFF.

The party said when Panyaza Lesufi’s ANC and EFF could not come to terms about who leads Johannesburg, they were willing to force on the residents of Johannesburg someone patently not fit to lead Johannesburg.

“Thapelo Amad and Colleen Makhubele did not elect themselves with their three seats collectively; they were elected by a compromise deal in which it appears the residents of Joburg are being asked to make the biggest compromise. This is why ActionSA is taking action.”

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The motions of no confidence will serve at the next council meeting on 25 April 2023. Majola said they stand ready to litigate against any effort by Makhubele to protect herself and her newfound political allies from these motions of no confidence.

“ActionSA will start by engaging with all other parties in the Council to ensure that the ANC and EFF are removed from exerting any further control on Johannesburg, and we are confident of our prospects of success,” he said.

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