LaConco was unmasked as Star on ‘Masked Singer South Africa’. Image: Supplied

Exclusive: LaConco on ‘Masked Singer South Africa’

Jacob Zuma’s ex-fiancée, LaConco, talks about her experience on ‘Masked Singer SA’ in an exclusive interview with ‘The South African’.


LaConco was unmasked as Star on ‘Masked Singer South Africa’. Image: Supplied

Former Real Housewives of Durban star Nonkanyiso LaConco Conco opened up about her experience on the Masked Singer South Africa set in an exclusive interview with The South African.


Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco was the fourth celebrity to be unmasked on season two of Masked Singer South Africa. She was undercover as Star, and none of the detectives, J’Something, Somizi Mhlongo, Sithelo Shozi and Skhumba Hlophe, could crack the case!

In an exclusive interview with The South African, LaConco answered a few questions on what her experience on Masked Singer South Africa was like.


1. What was the highlight of working on Masked Singer SA season two?

My highlight was entering an actual, professional studio and going in to record and coming out and feeling like okay “I’m a recorded artist”. The highlight was actually entering the studio and recording because I mean I do, do voice note commercials now and again… that’s only when I go into an actual studio. So, this one was different.

2. How would you describe what it was like hiding your identity on set and around friends and family?

I just wish I could take Star to the mall, and just go there and be naughty. Maybe pull and scare some people that don’t know. You know what’s actually coming to my mind now? I just wish that Star could be smaller, and portable. Then, actually ask people certain questions, obviously with Star’s voice and then ask them certain things. And also just ask what they think of LaConco, then hear how they find her, without seeing my face, then I know it was genuine.

There was a moment when I was asked to go to the loo and I was told just one second. And then they had to check the coast, then they opened my hooded room, and then Shivon said, “Star is moving, lockdown.” I was like “Yoh! Are we on a lockdown that we had as a country? Okay, this Masked Singer actually has a lockdown. Nobody must move because Star is moving”. So yes, it was a different experience.


3. How did it feel to not have any of the detectives guess that it was you?

I was very disappointed in some of them, but I also think we have done well – the production team of the Masked Singer, myself, I’ve done very well. Meaning, there is not even one thing on the clues… but the clues, like I’ve seen on the previous season, they are very hard.

Also with myself, the only one I got right, guessing season one was Zozibini, the former Miss SA and the Fox who was an actress.

4. What was your experience on the Masked Singer set like?

It was different. I had a lot of body support, like “Go to your left, okay that’s a cable,” because I was literally all the time covered. It’s like you are walking, but you can’t see where you are going. On stage, I enjoyed seeing through, because the mask; you can actually see, especially with the lights on. But the people on the outside, they can’t see who it is.

I’ve been on stages, but this one was unique.