A blind man and a double amput

A blind man and a double amputee plant 10 000 trees… what’s your excuse?

It took them around 10 years, but these best friends have worked tirelessly at replanting trees around their village.

A blind man and a double amput

Jia Haixia the blind one, and his mate Jia Wenqi the double-amputee, might not be the most effective greening machine; but combining their love and respect for nature meant that they were able to revive the barren area surrounding their village of Yeli in North-Eastern China.

Haixia was born with a wonky eye and lost sight in the other 15 years ago in an accident at work, while Wenqi lost two of his limbs in an accident when he was three years old.

The two men replanted more than 10 000 trees in the eight acres surrounding the village, helping to combat flooding and erosion.


The guys don’t have enough money to buy trees, so they use tree cuttings to reforest the area. One climbs the tree to get them and the other waters them.


They get up at 7am every day, restarting this labour of love.


After their story went nuts online in China, Haixia could be getting free treatment, giving him his eyesight back.


Images: xinhua.com