Top five times Zimbabwe wasted

Top five times Zimbabwe wasted an opportunity to pull itself together

So often referred to as the once-breadbasket of Africa; Zim has wasted every single opportunity it’s had to effect a positive change for it’s people.

Top five times Zimbabwe wasted

Now, this goes without saying, but few nations have been given as many second chances as this now-waste-of-prime Southern African real estate. Ever since Bob Mugabe took over leadership of Zimbabwe they’ve had issues. Not two years after his inauguration he started killing thousands of ethnic minorities in a bid to maintain absolute power.

Zim’s more televised blunders, however, started just under 20 years after Bob’s killing spree in Matabeleland. The whispers of land seizures started around 2000, gaining momentum and eventually breaking into all out civil unrest, with economically active farms being looted and farmers kicked off their farms.

Ok, history lesson over. Let’s look at the events since 2000 when Robert Mugabe and his horde of cronies could have turned the fortunes of their starving people around.

1. June 2007: For the first time ever, Bob’s Zanu-PF party agrees to hold preliminary talks with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangarai’s MDC ( Movement for Democratic Change… lol). The South African government was instrumental in setting this up, but things soon unraveled, as South Africa got Zuma fever and Mugabe snapped back to being a doos.

2. Sept 2008: Mugabe and Tsvangarai sign a power-sharing agreement, but can’t agree on who should be given ministerial positions. While this seemed like a great leap forward, Bobby was never really keen for it, so threw his soldiers at the MDC and gave Morgan a blue eye… so to speak.

3. February 2009: Believe it or not, Tsvangarai is sworn in as Prime Minister of Zimbabwe. It’s a lot like being a prefect in school. Lots of badges, but really doesn’t mean a thing. Anyway, it made SA look.

4. March 2009: Immediately following what seemed like a genuinely positive change in Zim’s fortunes; retail prices began to fall after years of hyperinflation. Unfortunately, as with most things in Zimbabwe, this was not meant to be.

5. March 2013: The Zim constitution is amended by an overwhelming majority voting for presidential reform. As of the next leader (go figure), the maximum term for any president will be two five-year terms. This excludes Bob of course, as he’s lost what was left of his mind and pretty much destroyed the MDC’s influence in government; in doing so he’s once again solidified Zanu-PF as the only real political option in Zimbabwe.

So, while the rest of the world has done everything it could to stop the madness of King Bob, the big man himself as actively worked towards completely destroying what little is left of Zimbabwe’s economy.