13 things that non-South Afric

13 things that non-South Africans will never understand

South Africans really do have their own way of doing things…

13 things that non-South Afric

South Africa is full of colour and quirks, and it can be overwhelmingly confusing for foreigners at times.

But we love our little in jokes and we love to celebrate our South Africanisms, especially if we confuse the rest of the world by doing so.

Here are the things that you just won’t get if you’re not from South Africa…

1. Zoo biscuits with unrecognisable animals

Is it a goat, is it a hasty rabbit? No, it’s a springbok!

What animal is this supposed to be? #zoobiscuits #zoobiscuitfail

A photo posted by Heather McLachlan (@heathershambles) on

Only few have the talent to decipher zoo biscuits. The rest of just see naughty-shaped smudges.

2. The sheer joy of a Spur birthday

That face says it all #spurbirthdays

A photo posted by Reza De Nicker (@rezadenicker) on

And don’t forget those cardboard red indian chief headdresses that we so proudly put on our heads…

Source Imgur

3. The pain of a devil thorn in your foot

#Devilthorns #brittaniabay #westerncape #capetown

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These things literally are the devil.

Source Facebook.com/Kanjynogonthou?

4. The orange residue of NikNaks on our fingers

(And happiness in our hearts.)

Remember the taste of your South African childhood? #niknaks #southafricanchildhood #snacks #tasteofhome

A photo posted by Homecoming Revolution (@homecomingrevolution) on

You can’t take the NikNak out of a South African.

5. Wearing these bad boys

From today, this is the only pair that counts. #backtoschool #toughees #toughfees

A photo posted by Sibangani Ncube (@umfanawamateki) on

We were honestly the coolest kids around.

#toughees #keepitreal #school #shoes #tv ad

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6. Why we dip these in this

Only my fellow South Africans will appreciate the quality of this mighty fine rusk! Totally delicious, such an awesome little treat #oumarusk #southafrican #treat #tea

A photo posted by Meg Clements (@megssa1987) on

Rusks are not only for babies. Although our babies love them too!

Rusk fan! #teething #rusk #raffertysgarden

A photo posted by jess__greene (@jess__greene) on

7. Why we teeth our children with dried meat

Love this child! Those big eyes looking at me makes me hate leaving! Happy it’s weekend for some QT time #babygirl #bigblueeyes #babybiltong #lovemygirl

A photo posted by Pharro Fairley-Jurgens (@pharro) on

Seriously, one stick of droewors and they’re entertained for hours.

8. The absolute treat that is a Flake 99


It is so much more than ice cream and a flake.

9. Perfectly normal signage on our roads for traffic signals

Source Reddit
Source Reddit

If you don’t follow our rules of the road, go home!

10. These Takalani Sesame muppets and their catchy theme tune

???????? Takalani Sesame ???????? #TakalaniSesame meets #TummyTime! Thanks #YouTube! #MumLife #MunchyAndMummy #Melbourne #instaBaby #HappinessIs #HighOnLife #LoveLivesHere #KgosiJackson #16weeks #Sweet16

A video posted by Mama Ke Mang? (@mummykemang) on

11. The concept of bringing and braaing

That’s how we do it! #tenantlunch #bringnbraai #sidestreetstudios #woodstock

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There are roles, rules and regulations. Like not stepping on the designated braai master’s toes.

12. Getting chappies, instead of change, from tellers

30 Day Photography Challenge – Day 11 – Childhood memory! Did you know……. #photographysouls #chappies #bubblegum @soene.deysel

A photo posted by Emily Lime Photography (@emilylimephotography) on

And heaps of useless trivia too.

13. The true meaning of ‘slap’ in front of chips

#nodietthursday #slapchips #hadtobedone #dayoff #noguilthere

A photo posted by Odette (@odettehobbs) on

And a bonus one: Why this headlamp is a necessity

So this is happening… #loadshedding #studying #headlamp #WhatChoiceDoIHave

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