12 people shot dead by Islamis

12 people shot dead by Islamist attack on magazine headquarters in the heart of paris

A well-coordinated attack by hit men in the heart of Paris struck at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

12 people shot dead by Islamis

Charlie Hebdo is a well-known satirical magazine that often publishes funny cartoons aimed at the absurdity of Islamic laws, as preached from within their fundamentalist core.

Things have obviously taken a turn for the worst, as the cartoonists and reporters were killed by sharp-shooting gunmen during their editorial meeting today. As if the world isn’t dangerous enough for journalists who dare speak out against mainstream Islam, now they’re being targeted on home soil.

Islamic terrorists are responsible for this attack on freedom of speech and liberty, and the French President is expected to make a public appearance tonight so as to respond.

Europe and some other parts of the world has seen vast anti-Islam movements spring up in light of the extremist and to a lesser extent fundamentalist threat of Islam, and this is sure as sh*t not going to help.

Incidentally, the mindless murder of these journalists have made their mostly unknown satirical cartoons go viral globally.