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Revealed: Hijackers using a ‘new tactic’ to target victims in lockdown

It’s the same old story for SA: The world around us has changed, but hijackings remain a serious threat – and criminals are now exploiting the situation.


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Following a rise in the number of hijacking incidents reported in the past month, it has emerged that the criminals behind these callous crimes are taking full advantage of the lockdown situation, with the new ‘work from home’ revolution playing right into their hands.

Speaking with BusinessTech, Dialdirect’s Bianca de Beer told the publication that hijackers are pouncing right on our doorsteps. According to the insurance expert, home driveways are now occupied with cars for longer periods of time, presenting a golden opportunity to the automotive crooks when occupants are set to leave home.

New hijacking ‘tactic’ targets home-workers

Driveways are now classed as a ‘prime hijacking hot-spot’, and the stay-at-home message has served to embolden carjackers during a time of fear and uncertainty. De Beer also states that attempted robberies on drivers so close to home can often lead to more violent confrontations:

“Driveways are already a prime hijacking hotspot and, with more people working from home, criminals have a better window of opportunity to strike… criminals who are willing to confront a home’s occupants are generally more brazen and more likely to be armed. Avoid a direct confrontation at all costs.”

Bianca de Beer

How to protect yourself from ‘driveway carjackings’

For those working from home who are fearful of this new hijacking tactic, there are some ways to counteract the threat. Beefing up your personal security is the best way to go forward, but there are some common-sense moves you can use that will also help you avoid a serious confrontation:

  • Ensure that gates can’t be lifted off their rails and that gate motors are well hidden and can’t be accessed easily.
  • An electric fence offers an extra security barrier and serves as a further deterrent for hijackings.
  • Be sure to check for vulnerable spots where a fence can be bypassed.
  • Install burglar bars on windows and security gates on all doors.
  • While working from home, it’s essential to avoid leaving your high-value items on display.