Max Verstappen celebrates third f1 title. Image: @Max33Verstappen

Verstappen will have bodyguards for the Mexican Grand Prix

The tension between Verstappen and Perez spilled over last year in Brazil when Max refused to let Checo pass despite team orders.


Max Verstappen celebrates third f1 title. Image: @Max33Verstappen

Three-time Formula One champion Max Verstappen will be provided with bodyguards to ensure his protection ahead of the Mexico City Grand Prix this weekend.

Red Bull Motorsport Advisor Helmut Marko confirmed this week that their number one driver will move around bodyguards amid safety concerns.

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The 26-year-old driver used to be a fan favourite in Mexico however the Interlagos incident last year saw the Mexican fans change their tune on Verstappen.

Verstappen to be surrounded by guard in Mexico

The Dutchman had a horrible race at Interlagos last year only managing to finish fifth but on the last lap, Verstappen(already champion), was asked to give a position back to his teammate Sergio Perez in sixth as he was fighting for second place finish in the overall Driver’s Championship.

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Verstappen agreed to let Perez pass however the Dutchman failed to honour the agreement and finished ahead of Checo.

After the race, the Mexican said Verstappen “showed who he really is.”

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The Mexican fans were enraged and felt that their countryman had helped the 26-year-old win his two titles.

Having received a hostile crowd in the USA last weekend, many are expecting the Dutchman to get jeered in Mexico this weekend.

Red Bull has claimed 17 of the 18 Grand Prix victories on offer, 15 of those going the way of Verstappen, who now has four opportunities remaining to break his record of 15 wins in a season achieved last year.

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