lottoland biggest ever payout

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Powerball and Powerball Plus: Jackpot total and best numbers for 27 November

The Powerball Plus jackpot for the draw on 27 November 2018 is looking pretty tasty. Here are some suggestions for picking the winning numbers.

lottoland biggest ever payout

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It’s Powerball time! And with the Christmas and festive season kicking up a gear, a jackpot would be nice, wouldn’t it?

To find out if you’re a Powerball winner after the numbers have been drawn, we’ve got you covered – check out the Powerball and Powerball Plus results here.

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Last Powerball jackpot won

Friday’s draw delivered a cool R7.4 million to one lucky winner. One person also bagged a pretty decent R293 000, by getting vie numbers correct. Not too shabby was the R7000 won by 26 people for guessing four numbers and the Powerball.

Tuesday’s Powerball and Powerball Plus jackpots – 27 November 2018

The bad news is that this means Tuesday’s jackpot is starting from scratch. The good news is that from scratch isn’t too shabby at all – last estimated at R4 million.

Even better news is that the Powerball Plus jackpot is absolutely booming.

The jackpot has rolled over 18 times and is sitting at over R36 million, with the total prize pool at over R38 million. Last week, 17 people gussed four numbers and the Powerball, bagging just over R13 000 each.

Number frequency in Powerball

How do you pick? Well, there are many different theories, one of them is to pick numbers that are drawn most often. Which numbers are those, you ask? We’ve got you covered.

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Another strategy is to go for the most overdue Powerball numbers – we’ve got some of those, too.

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