Ka-ching! YouTube launches ‘Su

Image: Pixabay

Ka-ching! YouTube launches ‘Super Thanks’ virtual tip jar for creators

YouTube will be introducing a new feature this week which will enable loyal viewers to tip creators.

Ka-ching! YouTube launches ‘Su

Image: Pixabay

YouTube has added a “Super Thanks” virtual tip jar feature that will allow viewers to pay creators for their content. The new feature gives creators yet another stream of income and also allowing them to strengthen relationships with viewers.

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This new feature will appear underneath creators’ individual videos, it will begin with thousands of channels this week and take full effect by the end of the year. The feature will enable viewers to contribute amounts ranging from $2 to $50 or the local currency equivalent.

Once a viewer purchases the feature, they will see an animated GIF and get a distinct, colourful comment to highlight their purchase, which creators can respond to directly.


Creators who have been accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, which equips them on the platform with creative resources and ad revenue for their videos, will be eligible for the “Super Thanks” feature. A third of the earnings generated by the new tool will go to YouTube.

According to the YouTube blog, they’ve been working closely with creators to beta test this feature. The beta test was done to gather feedback and to inform and shape the experience.

The blog mentioned that while beta testing the feature, one of their creators and psychic intuitive Nicholas Ashbaugh was able to generate a new revenue stream. A stream that now accounts for nearly 15% of his revenue.

Having a built-in feature like Super Thanks ensures that my viewers can show their love and support while watching a video — without interrupting their viewing. It nicely augments Super Stickers and Super Chat by allowing folks who are watching a replay of a livestream to still feel like they’re being seen (thanks to the purchase animation) and also thanks to the comment that it leaves, says Ashbaugh on the blog.


Although still in beta, after yesterday’s expansion, the feature is now available to thousands of monetizing creators. The feature is available to creators and viewers in 68 countries on desktop and mobile devices, available on Android and iOS.

The above-mentioned blog also mentioned that creators can check if they have early access to the feature by following the instructions on the YouTube help section.

With competition becoming more intense for content creating platforms like Instagram and TikTok, YouTube recognises that they always have to keep their ideas fresh, in order to encourage their creators to prioritise them over their competitors.

Creators are at the heart of what we do here at YouTube, and we’re constantly exploring new ways to help them get started, grow their businesses and diversify their revenue, says chief product officer Neal Mohan on the blog.