Wonderful illustrations show t

Wonderful illustrations show the joy of being on your own

If the prospect of being alone on Valentine’s Day has you feeling a little blue, these wonderful illustrations might change your mind.

Wonderful illustrations show t

Valentine’s Day can be really irksome, especially for those who are single and loving it. Friends and family simply don’t get that it’s your life, your choice and you’ll spend it with or without whoever you damn well please.

But a Mexican artist, Idalia Candelas, has drawn some great illustrations that show the beauty of being alone. The series is called “Postmodern Loneliness” and have been published in a small book titled Alone.

single life 1

“The theme of the loneliness has been recurring in my drawings,” she said in an interview with Mic. “Even though people try to avoid [it] [out of] fear, being in that situation is increasingly common in our society.”

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The words “loneliness” and “alone” do not have to have negative connotation, despite the stigma that surrounds it. According to Mic, an Australian study in 2015 concluded that traveling alone, for example,often results in “personal feelings of freedom, relaxation and discovery.”

Other studies have linked general alone time to such positive benefits as being able to have a clear mind and even combat depression.

“I like to show women who exist in solitude but do not suffer,” Candelas said. “They are not depressed or crying. Rather [they] are safe, exalting in the sense of enjoying the company of just herself.”

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So if anyone tries to give you a hard time about flying solo this Valentine’s Day, remind them that you can arse around the house without having to argue over which series to binge watch. Check out more of Candelas’ work on her Instagram.