Sibu Mpanza

Photo: YouTube screenshot / TheSouthAfrican

Meet Sibu Mpanza: TheSouthAfrican’s news-reviewer and resident YouTuber

South Africa needs more laughter. We’ve used the same jokes for years, so we’re giving YouTuber Sibu Mpanza the chance to take a lighter look at the news.

Sibu Mpanza

Photo: YouTube screenshot / TheSouthAfrican

We’re not sure what it is about November, but the month has been lekker. The feel-good factor is through the roof at the moment, following the Springboks’ World-Cup win and the charitable spirit shown towards “The KFC Couple”. Good things come in threes, and that’s why we’ve got Sibu Mpanza on board.

One of South Africa’s most popular YouTubers has joined TheSouthAfrican to bring his own unique twist to the week’s events. Whether it’s a load shedding nightmare, a viral controversy or something that hits us right in the feels, Mpanza will be recapping the news through our re-launched YouTube channel.

SA YouTuber joins TheSouthAfrican

You may have seen him teaching slang to Suzelle DIY, or trying to eat the hottest curry in Durban. His content brings together topical and comic elements, which is why he’s perfect for this role. We couldn’t wait to get started, so we’ve already put Sibu Mpanza in a room with a camera and told him to produce the goods.

In the first instalment of this video series, the YouTuber is taking a look at what’s got South Africans talking over the past seven days.

Here’s what you can expect from Mpanza, but we must warn you all: You’ll need a sense of humour to watch this. We don’t want people hiding behind faceless avatars in the comments section, catching feelings and lecturing us about something they disagree with… we get enough of that on Facebook.

What Mpanza will be discussing this week:

Springboks bring rugby home

Mpanza tackles the obvious, but he’s got a pretty fresh perspective on things. He looks back at the other times South Africa “almost ended racism”, and there’s a cracking stab at the Royal Family in there, too.

M-boo-yiseni Ndlozi

Mzansi’s pantomime villain won’t escape a ribbing at the behest of our new YouTuber. Sibu Mpanza puts the EFF spokesperson on the ropes, after Ndlozi spent the last 10 days slamming the Springboks’ victory.

The KFC Couple

The lovebirds who were caught on CCTV mid-marriage proposal have enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame, after corporate South Africa rushed to cash-in on the warm sentiments surrounding the pair. Mpanza’s on to them…

Watch Sibu Mpanza’s weekly news round-up here: