Milk Crate Challenge goes viral

TikTok’s Milk Crate Challenge has gone viral
Image via TikTok

Viral Milk Crate Challenge may be the dumbest thing on the internet [watch]

The Milk Crate Challenge – which involves a dangerous task of ascending a pyramid made of crates – has gone viral on social media. See what the fuss is all about…

Milk Crate Challenge goes viral

TikTok’s Milk Crate Challenge has gone viral
Image via TikTok

The Milk Crate Challenge has to be one of the dumbest things on the Internet and social media right now…

… which sane person would willingly want to sustain head injuries and broken limbs after crashing to the floor off a haphazard tower made of milk crates?

Nevertheless, the challenge has gone viral on social media and hundreds, if not thousands of people are taking part.


The Milk Crate Challenge has gone viral on TikTok and involves users filming themselves traversing over a man-made pyramid of milk crates.

The person who successfully climbs up and over the contraption – which resembles a staircase – earns some major brownie points amongst their peers.

Of course, if you fall, you risk some serious injuries like landing on your face, dislocating a shoulder or breaking your neck (or worse).

The trend kickstart when Kenneth Waddell posted a video of himself completing the task on Facebook. Since then daredevils around the world have taken part and the results will have you on the edge of your seats!

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Variations to the challenge include reading a book at the top of the tower, rolling a blunt whilst climbing the crates and even doing the challenge in a pair of heels!


The Milk Crate Challenge is not the first TikTok challenge to go viral over it’s obvious dangerous and life-threatening repercussions, and most likely will not be the last

Other crazy trends seen on TikTok which have made headlines for their irresponsible nature include the Full Face Wax Challenge which sees you pour hot wax over your entire face and the Corn On The Cob challenge – made famous by singer Jason Derulo – where you have to eat a piece of corn whilst it rotates on a drill.


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Then there are the seriously alarming ones like the The Blackout Challenge – which involves a person choking you until you blackout and The Benadryl Challenge, which essentially is you filming yourself on a high after overdosing on antihistamine.

And the Skull Breaker Challenge is exactly as the name describes – and achieves this by getting a person to fall backwards onto their head!