Layotoa Mwaoombola aka Lioness Images via Instagram @lionessnam

Doctor by day, rapper by night: Meet LaToya ‘Lioness’ Mwoombola [watch]

Latoya Mwoombola is proving that you can be a frontline healthcare worker…and a rapper. When not in the hospital, she is Lioness!


Layotoa Mwaoombola aka Lioness Images via Instagram @lionessnam

Namibian-born LaToya Mwoombola is a medical doctor by day and a superstar rapper by night. When she is not working as a frontline healthcare worker, Mwoombola aka Lioness is spitting some bars in the studio. 

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Latoya Mwoombola’s stage name is translated from the Oshiwambo word for “Little Lion”. She was given the nickname because she had lots of hair as a child. 

Speaking to CapeTalk, she said that medicine and rap music are two things that grew together for her. She explained that juggling being a medical doctor and being a rapper means separating the two professions. 

“You’ll never see me rapping to a patient”, she said. Mwoombola released her first album as Lioness in 2018, the same year she graduated from the University of Namibia with a medical degree. 


She shared that she has always wanted to be a performer. She has been inspired by 90s R&B and hip-hop artists. She said she also enjoyed the likes of Dolly Parton and Elton John. 

“I never really thought of being a rapper or doctor. I just always wanted to be able to perform. It was the love of my life and still is.” 

The 27-year-old mentioned that being a rapper and a medical doctor are both demanding in their own ways. 

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Lioness’ album, Wish You Were Here was released in May 2020. On the 12-track album, Lioness fuses hip-hop, R&B and amapiano to create a sonic journey for listeners.

She mentioned that just like how South Africans have succeeded in it, she thinks it’s important for Namibian artists to also export their own sound. She highlighted that songs she sang in her native language Oshiwambo did better than her songs in English. 

Watch her music video for her single, Wish You Were Here