Kelly Khumalo

Old photos of Kelly Khumalo circulated on social media. Image via Instagram @kellykhumaloza

[Watch] Kelly Khumalo’s television slap

Artist and actress Kelly Khumalo makes headlines often, but who remembers the televised slap in 2017? Watch the video here!

Kelly Khumalo

Old photos of Kelly Khumalo circulated on social media. Image via Instagram @kellykhumaloza

Artist and actress Kelly Khumalo makes the news headlines often, but it’s not always for the reasons you would think.

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After a bizarre rant at the South African Music Awards this year, she’s the name being talked about in many conversations – and once upon a time, she delivered an impressive television slap to one of her costars.

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It’s okay: it was all part of the show.

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Remember Khumalo’s television slap – and can you remember which show it was?

Here’s an unearthed YouTube video of the star’s guest appearance in Rhythm City back in 2017, and just what happened.

Kelly Khumalo in Rhythm City

If you know enough about her, then you should know that Khumalo is a woman of many talents – including a singing career and several acting appearances over the years.

Khumalo had an appearance on the soapie Rhythm City in 2017, delivering a spectacularly choreographed slap to her fellow actress.

The slap happens during a confrontation between Reneilwe (Arno Chidi) and Khumalo, who was in the role of Sunay at the time.

It’s not her only television appearance. Kelly has also starred in movies and shows like Zulu Wedding, and Idols SA as one of the guest judges.

[Watch] Kelly Khumalo’s television slap

Talk about excellent on-stage delivery.

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Watch the video below as the characters Reneilwe and Sunay face off in this old clip from the show Rhythm City:

Who is she?

Kelly Khumalo was born on 11 November, 1984.

According to her IMdB biography page, she was born in the town of Spruitview, though later moved to Kwazulu-Natal.

She’s best known as a musical artist, having released her first album entitled T.K.O. back in 2005 Her latest album is called From a God to a King, and it was released in 2023.

Unfortunately, Kelly has also made headlines this year for a rant at the South African Music Awards (SAMAs).