Black Friday 2019

Image via: Twitter

Watch: Black Friday 2019 shoppers freak out over deals [video]

Watch as South African shoppers literally race through stores to get the best deal first on Black Friday 2019.

Black Friday 2019

Image via: Twitter

South African’s have clearly been in suspense, waiting a very long time for Black Friday 2019. The build-up has been immaculate, only making customers more excited and determined to get the best deal once those store doors open.

As we all expected, video footage of the rush has been making its rounds on social media and we are all tuned in to watch the most entertaining race of the year. 

Black Friday 2019: In it to win it  

On some of the videos, people can literally be seen sprinting, we kid you not. Customers are literally having to dodge one another while running and skidding on the floor to stop and grab an item. Shoppers can be seen screaming while floor staff simply get out of their way. 

Police had no other choice than to open that gate at a quick pace, as customers burst through, trying to get the top specials at Game.

TV’s seemed to be the highlight for most customers on Black Friday as that section of the store always seemed to be packed. Looks like people are stocking up on high definition for 2020.

Here, people can be seen sprinting through the mall and the person making the video was nice enough to add a backtrack.

This was one of the most chaotic videos throughout Black Friday. A door can be seen breaking from the impact of hundreds of customers forcing their way through. Due to many people pushing and shoving, it appeared that a fight broke out near the door.

Enthusiastic shoppers can be seen climbing rails to get around possible stampedes and queues. Due to such a large group flooding in at one time, trolleys are being knocked over and some people are actually seen stepping away, out of fear of getting injured.