Man shows off his incredible s

Photo: Facebook/South African Stories

Man shows off his incredible shack in Cape Town township [video]

Local photographer Joshua Rubin recently met up with Fernando who built himself an incredible shack in a Cape Town township.

Man shows off his incredible s

Photo: Facebook/South African Stories

“I bet you’ve never seen a shack like this before!” That’s basically how this shack has been described on social media.

The news of the transformed shack comes after local photographer Joshua Rubin found the shack in the Joe Slovo township in Cape Town. Rubin later shared the story on the Facebook Group, South African Stories where it has since gone viral.

Photo: Facebook/South African Stories

An incredible shack

It is reported by Cape Town etc that Rubin was doing a number of interviews in Cape Town when he met Christopher. He would often see Christopher sitting on the side of the street and decided to interview him.

“He was born smaller than most people and has had a very hard life because of it. I went back to his home and he was living in extremely poor conditions. He was staying in a 1.7m by 1.7m that was caving in and he was sleeping on a piece of wood with blocks underneath,” Rubin told the publication.

Rubin later decided to help Christopher by raising money to help him build a shack. That’s when he met Fernando, a self-taught builder and designer living in the township. Rubin decided to pay him a visit at his home to make sure he was capable of building a good shack for Christopher, and what a surprise awaited.

A self-taught builder and designer

What he walked into was ‘Fernando’s palace’ as he calls it – which happens to be a stunning place to live in.

“I built it by myself,” Fernando says in the video. “I [wrote] it by myself inside my mind. I don’t know how to write. But God has opened everything for me.”

Fernando says he also did the plumbing and electricity of his haven himself.

“Even the base of the bed – I did myself.”

For him, the ceiling is the best part. See it for yourself over here:

I bet you've never seen a shack like this before!!!

A man thats living in Joe Slovo township builds incredible shack!

Posted by South African Stories on Monday, November 25, 2019

Rubin told Cape Town etc that they have just finished building the shack for Christopher thanks to a donation received by caring locals and are now in the process of securing a bed.