vampire killing kit

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Vampire killing kit now available in South Africa

The kit is owned by a well-known antique collector in Johannesburg.

vampire killing kit

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Summer is winding down. No doubt you’ve had your fair share of blood-sucking insects trying to ruin your relaxed evenings in South Africa.

A can of bug spray will solve your mosquito problem, but what if the blood-sucking parasite stalking you is a bit bigger than insect-sized? As with all unusual or embarrassing problems, the answer can found on the Internet.

Vampire Killing Kit for sale in South Africa

Yes, you can absolutely buy yourself authentic antique vampire killing kits dating back as far as the 1700s.

One such kit is currently on sale by a private antique dealer, Matthew Parsons, who told TimesLive that the “used but in good condition” vampire killing kit is the only original kit of its kind in South Africa.

According to Parsons, the kit, which is currently owned by a well-known Johannesburg antique collector who prefers to remain anonymous, was purchased at a Christie’s auction back in 2010.

vampire killing kit
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How much does a Vampire Killing Kit cost?

The kit sold for 6 000 GBP in 2010 which was the equivalent of around R122 000. However, the kit is expected to sell for upward of R177 000 now.

There is an international demand for kits of this kind. Vampire killing kits show up in auctions and regularly sell for as much as $26 000 or R380 000.

The main question then is, if you have a couple of hundred thousand rand lying around, what exactly will your “used but in good condition” vampire killing kit contains.

The items listed in the kit are:

  • 1 x Crucifix for obvious reasons considering the undead’s aversion to them
  • Assorted cross-shaped daggers intended to be plunged into the heart of suspected vampires
  • 1 x pistol and cast for making silver bullets which are believed to be lethal to our undead brethren
  • A King James Bible dated 1873
  • 1 x Picture of the priest who originally owned the kit
  • 4 x vials of anti-vampire stuff
vampire killing kit south africa
Image via TimesLive

According to Parsons, the vials are the reason for the “used but in good condition” noted in the listing. The four vials contain terra sancta (holy ground), aqua sancta (holy water), garlic powder, and serum.

The serum in question is said to be the blood of a dead person and the contents of the various vials are meant to be used with a glass syringe. However, the needle of said syringe looks to still have blood in it.

Best be prepared

So there you have it – a vampire kit complete with a bloody syringe and a picture of a long-dead vampire-fighting priest all packed in a beautiful if well-used mahogany box.

The price tag may be a bit steep but this kit is guaranteed to be a conversation starter at your next dinner party. But will it protect you from vampires?

Who knows, but I suppose it’s better to have a vampire killing kit and never need it, than need one and not have it.