Two Oceans Marathon 2018 Full and half-marathon training plans

Two Oceans Marathon 2018: Full and half-marathon training plans

Start now… or regret it later.

Two Oceans Marathon 2018 Full and half-marathon training plans

If you’re one of the brave (or crazy) people who entered the Two Oceans Marathon – and who were lucky enough to get an entry  – it’s time to put foot. Yes, it might be the holiday season, but that’s even more reason to start your training right now.

Think about all the extra turkey you can gobble down if you’re racking up a few extra kms each week?

If you’re running your first marathon, it can be quite daunting figuring out where to even start training. But don’t stress, the lovely folks over at Runner’s World have put together some comprehensive programmes to get you ready for race day.

The programmes are intense, but you’ll thank them later. And remember, it’s not all just running, running, running to get race ready. Don’t neglect your warm-up and cool down routine and, if you can find the time, remember to add in some strength and mobility work, too.

Also, for the love of your sanity and hamstrings, do not try and cram all your training into a few weeks – especially if it’s your first marathon. Start now. Taper before the race.

Two Oceans full-marathon training programme

SUB-4 (SILVER): Download
SUB-5 (SAINSBURY): Download
SUB-6 (BRONZE): Download
SUB-7 (BLUE MEDAL): Download

If you’re not quite ready for your first full-marathon – or if you just prefer the half – then there are some programmes for these races, too.

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But the same applies – do not delay starting your training. Get going now – you’ll feel much more comfortable on race day if you do.

Two Oceans half-marathon training programme

Novice Half Marathon: Download
Advanced Half Marathon: Download

And remember, it’s a process. There will be days when you feel awful, but in the end, running your first half or full marathon will be one of the most amazing experiences of your life – and packed full of lessons.