Twitter is roasting this Jozi

Twitter is roasting this Jozi councillor for his comments about dagga

Bruh, that’s not how weed works.

Twitter is roasting this Jozi

Weed isn’t really a controversial thing anymore. There’s plenty of research backing up its medicinal purposes. And while not everyone uses it for medicinal purposes, it’s fair to say that it’s long-past the stage of having far-fetched stigmas attached to it.

Unless you are part of Herman Mashaba’s A-team mayoral committee. Earlier this week, Michael Sun, the DA’s Shadow MMC for public safety since 2013, Tweeted about a drug bust. Now, of course weed is still illegal in South Africa and keeping a hand on drug dealer is a good thing, but just read the rest of this Tweet…

“Children turn to prostitution to make money for that quick fix.”

Bruh. That’s not how weed works… like really, this is scientifically incorrect. Yes, there might be some suggestion that it’s a “gateway drug” of sorts, but castigating weed as some sort of “quick fix” is completely and totally foolish and ignorant.

Obviously, Twitter did not hold back. Let’s have a look…

This was just round one… people were still trying to be nice. But it wasn’t long before somebody started spitting truth about alcohol vs weed.

And soon, the floodgates opened and Twitter was in full, glorious, factual, sciencey flow.

Oh and snark, of course Twitter had snark.

Ah, yes. There are plenty more responses and you can check out the full thread here.

That the Tweet is still there is somewhat surprising, but anyway. The lesson here is: Think before you Tweet and if you are going to Tweet about drugs are bad mmmkay, make sure that your point is actually factual because the internet doesn’t sleep.

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