tiktok digital learning tool

Digital learning tools are finding their place on TikTok. Image: Adobe Stock

Education at your fingertips with the new digital learning tool on TikTok

TikTok has partnered with online study platform Quizlet to help creators and learners explore topics they’re interested in learning about.

tiktok digital learning tool

Digital learning tools are finding their place on TikTok. Image: Adobe Stock

TikTok video creators focused on educational and informative content will soon see an option to add Quizlet study sets. This comes as Chinese social networking service TikTok continues to put more emphasis on learning.

TikTok’s partnership with Quizlet adds another way to deliver learning content to video viewers following the launch of the #LearnOnTikTok programme in May 2020. #LearnOnTikTok was the service’s initiative to encourage educational creators.

TikTok is further positioning itself as a platform that not only provides entertainment, but promotes educational content in creative, bite-size portions.


quizlet TikTok
Quizlet is a way for TikTok users to get more learning functionality out of the app. Image: Adobe Stock

Aside from its self-referential audience-created tutorial videos, distinct creators will soon begin to see an option to embed a Quizlet study set to educational videos.

“We love the unique and creative ways creators use TikTok to teach and share information, and we’ll continue to support creators looking to make learning fun and accessible on TikTok,” TikTok said.

From science to maths and language to arts, deliverable topics are endless. Quizlet’s learning tools include digital flashcards and user-generated study material.

At a time where teaching explores wider possibilities of remote learning, the partnership provides educators with an innovative way to share their own Quizlet study sets as flashcards on their TikTok videos. This will enable a wider reach of students.


First, creators should find a study set on Quizlet. Creators can search from the popular online study platform’s more than 450-million study sets directly or through browsing topic pages. 

To add a Quizlet link to your TikTok video,  click on “add link” on the TikTok app during the video creation process. Under the drop-down menu, select the option Quizlet. Add the link to the video.

Once creators add a Quizlet study set link to the video, viewers can click on the link to learn more about the topic associated with the TikTok video.


Through the #LearnOnTikTok hashtag, the social media app portrays efforts to showcase the vast educational content on the site. The initiative followed backlash over the potentially harmful effects of millions of young users being glued to their phone screens. 

TikTok has committed to partnering with educational technology companies and allocating funding to promote subject-focused content creation. 


South African TikTok users have embraced the learning initiative, sharing content from cooking to language classes. 

With the addition of a Quizlet study set, the opportunities for South Africa’s learning-focused TikTok users to enhance their videos are vast. 

Here’s an example of a #LearnOnTikTok video from SA:


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