Survey reveals the top 10 lock

Photo: Pixabay

Survey reveals the top 10 lockdown hobbies taken up by women in SA

A survey carried out in the UK also revealed that half of British women took up a new hobby since the pandemic began,.

Survey reveals the top 10 lock

Photo: Pixabay

When the outside world is a no-go zone, South African women who have FOGO (Fear of Going Out) make a plan to keep themselves occupied and boredom at bay.

Taking up a hobby in lockdown

In fact, according to recent research conducted in South Africa, 100% of the women surveyed took up a new hobby over the COVID-19 lockdown period and half of these women now practice this hobby every day.

And it’s not just South African women who are learning new skills.  In the UK, a survey carried out by the country’s leading independent online florist Serenata Flowers, revealed that half of British women took up a new hobby since the pandemic began, with 67% practising it at least once a week.

According to Seugnette van Wyngaard, head of 1st for Women:  “In the survey, participants listed their newly acquired skill.  While the majority are busying themselves with arts and crafts, cooking, gardening and reading, others have taken up hobbies including learning British Sign Language, agility dog training, bobbin lace making and livestock photography.”

Similar to what was observed in the UK survey, South African women found that there are major mental health benefits in learning a new skill. Half of the respondents said it makes them happy and 22% said it reduced stress. 65% of the women surveyed said their hobby made them feel more productive during this uncertain time.

“Experts agree that a hobby can keep you mentally fit, stress-free and confident.  When you are focused and invested on a task, you forget your fears and worries and are able to re-establish control.  All important factors during these times,” says van Wyngaard.

According to the survey, these are SA’s women’s top 10 lockdown hobbies:

  1. Arts & Crafts                                     
  2. Gardening    
  3. Cooking 
  4. Reading                                               
  5. Baking    
  6. Knitting/Crocheting                       
  7. Running/Jogging  
  8. Meditation                          
  9. Walking                                               
  10. Writing                                                

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