One bride-to-be will be seating guests at an anti-vax table at her wedding. Image via Unsplash

The way forward? Bride-to-be considering an ‘anti-vax table’ at wedding

A bride-to-be has decided that unvaccinated wedding guests will be seated at an ‘anti-vax’ table during her special event.


One bride-to-be will be seating guests at an anti-vax table at her wedding. Image via Unsplash

With COVID-19 still wreaking havoc on all things beautiful and normal, people are still finding ways to soldier on. One bride-to-be is finding a way to go through with her wedding by introducing an anti-vax table. People who refuse to get vaccinated will be seated at the table away from vaccinated guests.

Bride-to-be plans on seating unvaxxed guests at an ‘anti-vax table

When COVID-19 first struck, many people were unaware of how everything would change. Events like birthday parties, baby showers and even weddings are no longer the same. Nevertheless, people are still forging ahead with their plans.

One bride-to-be has seemingly found a way to keep the peace – and her guests’ safety – at her wedding by introducing an “anti-vax table.”

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The Australian bride called Heidi explained how she decided that all the unvaccinated guests will sit together at the table.

“I’m thinking do I have a special ‘anti-vax table’ so all the other guests are a little bit more at ease with having people that aren’t vaccinated there – or do I not worry about it?” Heidi asked the radio presenters.

A good or silly decision?

She was then assured by the presenters who remarked that she was doing her best to keep her vaccinated guests safe and her unvaccinated happy.

Kyle did however make a reasonable statement. According to him, the guests will all end up dancing together so separating them wouldn’t make a big difference.

Both presenters then agreed that it wouldn’t be too much for her to ask the unvaccinated guests to get tested for the virus before attending the special event.

She agreed with this while adding that getting tested shouldn’t be a big deal since there are home tests available now.

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