The top five South African ent

The top five South African entrepreneurs under 30

Out of 250 under 30’s selected, five young South Africans got to join the top 30 in Africa. Now that’s something worth celebrating!

The top five South African ent

Five South Africans who according to Forbes Africa are ‘future billionaires’, have been selected as the list of promising entrepreneurs for Forbes Africa Under 30’s. These are the people that you need to look out for;


Nadav Ossendryver (19), the youngest CEO and Fonder of the Latest Sightings. He works closely with the Kruger National Park by providing real-time wildlife spotting service for the visitors. All of this is done online. His YouTube Channel called “The Kruger Sightings” is the most watched South African based channel with over 315 million views. He also uses social media such as WhatsApp, BBM groups, Facebook and Twitter to spread the information to Kruger enthusiast and visitors. His Who’s Who profile reveal that Ossendryver was only 15 when he started the Latest Sightings.


Siya Beyile (22), is the founder of The Threaded Man. Beyile is a creative and fashion director who deals with men’s fashion. He was recently named the new face of the American Swiss campaign which will launch officially on 31 May 2016. He will style the performers and hosts among others for the June 4 event in Durban.


Emmanuel Bonoko is the founder of EBonoko Foundation which is aimed at youth empowerment and helping people through education. To date the EBonoko Foundation has collected over 12 000 books across South Africa. According to the EBonoko website, this initiative has contributed to bursary campaigns, youth seminars and youth mentorship.


Mogau Sechoene is the founder of The Lazy Makoti which was formed to teach women how to cook traditional South African food. Her business has since expanded with an employed staff who now design things like aprons, chopping boards, etc. Lazy Makoti has created opportunities for five other women in Malemelodi, Pretoria.


Inga Gubeka is a designer and founder of the Cape Town based design studio called Indalo Décor which deals with interior design. His studio is situated in Paarden Eiland, specialising in lifestyle wooden accessories.

The five entrepreneurs were carefully chosen by Forbes Africa. “This has been a very long but interesting journey. I think I am more excited about the list a little more than the entrepreneurs. I have become attached to each and every one of them because the vetting process was so long and I had to talk to them often. I am confident they are the billionaires of tomorrow,” said Forbes Africa’s list editor Ancillar Mangena.

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