Calling all London Foodies…

Calling all London Foodies…

Hosted at Syon Park, the London Foodies Festival was the best way to enjoy a balmy Summer day in the capital.

Calling all London Foodies…

Set in the beautiful grounds of the park, the Foodies Festival has it all – amazing food, great drinks, live music, demonstrations and a guaranteed patch of grass to lazily digest your foodie finds.

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I hadn’t been to a food festival in London before, but this one has set the bar high. It’s child friendly, dog friendly and a complete stuff-your-face enabler. Start your nibbles with delicious tapas, like those from Donostia Social Club. These flavoursome bruschetta style bites deliver mouth-watering flavours. Wonder around and sample some delicious Pilsner Urquell, surveying the potential food landscape.

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The food is irresistible, and after a good look around, you feel well prepared to dig in. For some delicious grilled meat options, we were torn between the Flaming Rooster and Boy Meets Grill, both of which were surrounded by an aroma of beautiful, fatty, perfectly charred goodness. If you don’t fancy some deliciously smoky indulgences, try flavours from around the world, including Moroccan from Exotic Tangine, with aromatic spices rising from their huge pans, or a delicious chicken, zaatar and lemon wrap from Laffa.

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Another round at the very awesome vintage red bus bar and you can cycle back for dessert- a traditional English summer favourite – strawberries and cream – from Strawbilly, Turkish delight from Khayra or Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream. Or all of the above.  Then find your grassy patch, soak up the sun with a drink from the Deco Bar and watch the live performances, including a performance from a Cape Town band, The Curious Incident.

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But, for those of us who don’t just want to roll out of the festival empty-handed, or feel like a complete pig-out needs some productive element, the Foodies festival also has a range of stalls, like Olivier’s Bakery and the Chilli Alchemist, with a variety of goodies you can take home (because why stop eating now?).  And if you’re a hands-on foodie, the programme includes hosted demos where you can learn the tricks of the trade from the pros.

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If you couldn’t make it this year, eat with your eyes, but make sure next year you grab your dog, child, or fabric shopping bag and get your butt down there. As Mahatma would have said, had he attended a food festival: “Be the fat kid you wish to see in the world. “

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