Man with big moustache

Know how to tame your lip mane

The hard and fast rules of MOvember: how to tame a lip mane

Local campaigners share their wrap up facts to tame your lip mane and stay healthy

Man with big moustache

Know how to tame your lip mane

Although famous ‘tache-bearers Tom Selleck, Freddie Mercury, Borat, Lionel Ritchie, David Boone, Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein are the poster boys for the hairy caterpillar lip campaign we all love to support every November, it is our local MOMen that have a few hard facts to share in the wrap up to MOvember.

Fact #1:MO does NOT equal Beard
In case you did not realize… Movember is about growing a Mo, not a full-blown beard. So for those men who use the campaign in preparation for their Santa debut… sorry, but you don’t qualify, as MO’s only is a big factor for the campaign. If anything, you will need to do a “Beard Sacrifice”. One local MoMan and avid Movember campaigner sports a beard year round and joins the cause every year without fail to raise funds for, and awareness of men’s health, especially Cancer. He does so by shaving completely clean on the 1st November and growing his Mo for the month. So make sure you check the rules.

Fact #2: Make sure nothing is hiding away in there: it’s a rule!
Every year, women dread and complain during MO season because, let’s face it, kissing a hairy lip is not always as sexy as it seems – they don’t particularly want to share their man’s lunch leftovers.

But listen up ladies: our slightly offended MoMen assured us that the utmost care and consideration goes into the grooming of one’s Mo (and beard).  “Just like any other clean person, I wash my face twice a day in the shower and my Mo or beard gets cleaned at the same time. I also use a little bit of oil twice a week just to keep it soft and shiny“, says one of our local MOMen.

Another MoMan said that he occasionally uses normal hair conditioner to keep his Mo soft. But all agree that the most important thing is to check your Mo after every meal, cappuccino or beer. 

Fact #3: Stache styling 101
Whether you have opted for the Tom Selleck aka ‘Chevron’, the ‘Walrus’ look (speaks for itself), the ‘Pencil’ stache (think Clarke Gable), or everyone’s favourite – the Handle bar; the Horseshoe aka ‘Hulk stache’, the Cowboy or the epically waxed ‘Dali’, or just your average Joe ‘Scruffy’ I can’t grow a Mo stache… you should invest in the right set of tools for the job: A man committed to moustachery should own the following: barber scissors, a fine-toothed comb, a large mirror, a trusty razor, a steady hand and a determined mind.”

Some swears by their Babyliss facial hair trimmers, or a trim once a week to keep your Mo soft and not too unruly. For longer staches, consider a pair of facial hair scissors and definitely a fine-tooth comb.

Fact #4: Stache Styling 2.0 (next level)
For the brave few, there has definitely been an increase in demand for beard/stache specific products – think ‘A million ways to die in the west’. So invest in some ‘stache wax’ or product for styling and visit to your local Moroccan barber is a must for an authentic Mo styling experience.

Fact #5:
Official Movember Fact: Men with moustaches are more attractive.

Fact #6: Make Movember mean something
All of our local MOMen are big advocates for Movember and its role in raising awareness of prostate and testicular cancer, and have been for a number of years. Usually after a personal scare or having lost close friends and family to this dreaded disease. Most state their reasons for joining Movember was to get men to take notice and understand the risks faced, as they get older. Because, as men go, most tend let their ego get in the way of admitting that they may have a problem and ultimately, end up losing their lives.

So, firstly make sure you know your family medical history and in so doing, what your high risks are.  Secondly, know the symptoms and how to check for warning signs. If detected early you have a 98% chance of survival beyond 5 years.

Thirdly, if something feels a strange or if you have pain that won’t go away, be man enough to go get it checked out.

Fact #7: Get Involved
If you serious about supporting Movember in the future, as fun as it is to prove your manhood by growing facial hair, do it properly. Know the rules and tame your lip mane.

Sign up at grow a Mo, or Move for Movember, or host an event. Raise some money and most important: save a life by raising awareness around the importance of getting checked for Prostate & Testicular Cancer.

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