Read: Zuma says Nkandla was “c

Read: Zuma says Nkandla was “created by the enemy.” Twitter responds accordingly

The president reportedly told ‘rebellious’ ANC NEC members yesterday that the Nkandla saga was created by his enemies, who had been plotting against him for years. Uhm… ok.

Read: Zuma says Nkandla was “c

Folks, we’ve all had it all wrong all the time. Jacob Zuma never built Nkandla, he never committed any acts of corruption, fraud or racketeering and he hardly even knows the Guptas… well, if we’re to believe his latest rant anyway.

While some members of the ANC NEC tried to force the president out, his loyalists closed ranks and it looks like the “Teflon Don” lives to fight another day. What’s more, Zuma has indicated that there’s actually been a conspiracy to make him look bad since the Mbeki days. Mr president, you might be able to fool some people some of the time, but you can’t fool everyone all of the time.

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