The Christmas Office Party 101

The Christmas Office Party 101, our how to guide

This festive season, don’t let buying Christmas gifts get your feathers in a bunch

The Christmas Office Party 101

shoulders seem to drop down a little, breathing becomes more balanced, and faces give off more relaxed and friendly gestures and your boss even remembers your name! Even if it is just for a season, the festive feeling that fills the office is undeniably refreshing.

There is a different kind of chitchat between colleagues; office chair races are encouraged; goofing around and playing pranks are all in a day’s work. You may find yourself being roped into the countless silly season convos that conspire over copious cups of coffee; where ambitious holiday plans are made. You, the IT crew, front of house, the lunch lady, (who is very much a boss in her own right, you don’t ‘mess’ with her or in her kitchen!) project managers, and the promo team decides to hook up for a bout of bubbly and generous servings of food and mess over the silly season.

Chances are this very random rendezvous may be more than your fragile being can handle after the end of year function that’s still to go down – gracefully that is. The great thing about Christmas in the office is guilt-free indulging in spoils shared (which is most likely a result of the rare but contagious side-effect of Christmas called ‘the gift of giving’ floating in and through the office air-conditioning) and the telling of hearty, good humoured tales of Christmas’ past.

Now remember, no amount of schmoozing is going to save you from the self-inflicted humiliation you’re going to have to swallow if you rock up without a gift for the person’s – you know absolutely nothing about – name you pulled from the office trash can. You best be right on the money my friend, because being an empty-handed secret Santa will only make you look slapdash. Although, shopping for a work mate whose taste may be unfamiliar to you, can end
disastrously. Even the most prized Christmas gift giver can get it wrong. For instance, a nail manicure set might not be the ideal gift to give to your boss or the very manly security guard, in a man’s world it could imply that you think they’re soft around the edges or that they have ghastly finger nails.

Our advice to the rookies rushing around for last minute gifts… it’s true; you can definitely avoid the mayhem of the mall and bumper to bumper traffic to get to the stores. All you need to do is browse this gift service online store called Gift Lady. Here you’ll have ample amount of unisex gifts to spend your Christmas bonus on.

Keep it neutral and opt for a Christmas hamper that contains a variety of edible gourmet and snack packs; fruit, nuts and biltong; wine, bubbly and galore; chocolate and sweet hampers; pretty pamper hampers and even the most divine looking freshly baked treats like cupcakes and cookies which are festively decorated.

You could even create your own hamper and fill it with office and DIY trinkets, key rings and bookmarks, goodies for gents like a nifty business card holder or a quirky bell ring for beer. You can’t go wrong with personalised
mugs (which any colleague would appreciate). Christmas candy cane, sweet treats such as Reindeer droppings and Christmas humbugs could win over any sweet tooth.

You could even buy a beautifully decorated Christmas iced fruit cake that the whole office party can enjoy. You’ll be in the good books for sure and just maybe you’ll be bumped up to the top of the list for best employee of the year. Good Luck!

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