#Instagram beats #Twitter in t

#Instagram beats #Twitter in the #Fight for #Followers #OMG

Trending conversations, hashtags and instant lifestyle-updates might have been made popular by Twitter, but it seems Instagram has taken it one step further. Why though, has Instagram grown so fast in such a short time?

#Instagram beats #Twitter in t

According to Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom, the image-based social tool now has around 300 million users, giving it almost 20 million more than social media giant, Twitter. Although nowhere close to Facebook’s 1.3 billion users, Instagram has picked up massive pace in growth.

Currently, the image and video sharing platform garners around 70 million photos and videos per day, that’s a hell of a lot of #selfies and #InstaFood tweets. Why though, has Twitter slowed down so much and Instagram gained so much momentum?

Visual appeal

While Twitter has become something of a melange of news and adverts, Instagram maintains a purist appeal; it’s all about the photo, not so much the content. This, of course, appeals to far more people  than Twitter’s more ‘involved’ process.

Ease of use

Snap, choose filter, write as much as you want… post to Twitter and Facebook at the same time. Done, son. What’s not to like? Twitter is restrictive, Instagram lets you do whatever you want.


Twitter has, lately, become more of a spammy mess than having chosen content show up on your news stream. This has, to a certain extent, led to people abandoning the clutter for a more visually appealing platform with more exclusivity and very little spam.

While Instagram is far from spam-free, Systrom has recommitted himself and the company to rooting out spam and ensuring an exclusive user experience. What more can you want from your social media platform, really.

Lesson to learn here: treat everything the way Systrom treats social media; a little goes a long way, don’t clutter people’s timelines with unsolicited sh*t every other minute.