Spur new look

South Africans have shared mixed reactions to Spur’s new look. Image via Twitter: @zulu_goku

‘Never change a winning formula’: SA reacts to Spur’s new look

‘They shoulda just brought back bottomless ribs & wings Thursdays and let all else be,’ one person said about Spur’s bold new look.

Spur new look

South Africans have shared mixed reactions to Spur’s new look. Image via Twitter: @zulu_goku

Famous South African restaurant Spur has a new look. Photos of the rebranding have made its way online and judging by their reactions — Spur lovers aren’t exactly thrilled. While the famous chief is still part of the family, the design team went with finer lines to draw the logo as well as the name.

Speaking in a statement, Spur said that the new look will be providing patrons with new great experiences and ‘greater moments of joy’.

Spur’s new look gets mixed reactions

Spur steak ranches has been around for decades — 56 years to be exact.

South African families have come to know and love the restaurant and are particularly fond of the onion rings and sticky ribs.

Spur has a new look. Image via Twitter: @Zulu_Goku

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Many have also grown accustomed to the look of the place and have been taken aback by the idea of a rebranding.

“Spur’s iconic restaurants are getting a refreshed look, promising new experiences, and allowing for even greater moments of joy,” reads a press release regarding the change.

Touching on the design, Chief Marketing Officer for the Spur Corporation, Vuyo Henda told IOL:

“The brand is now bolder, brighter, and more adventurous, offering more features, greater comfort with a space that is designed to reflect the vibrance and diversity of South African families.”

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What does SA think?

It would appear South Africans aren’t big fans of the look and have grown attached to the old style. Here are some of their comments:

“I hate the writing, horrible font. Looks good tho,” one person said while another added:

“NO!!!!!! Never change a winning formula. It’s giving NFL”

“As long as the basting sauce taste doesn’t change then I’m good,” a third wrote.

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