Hear me move

South Africa’s first dance film impresses at film festivals around the world

South Africa’s first dance flick, Hear Me Move, puts South African dance on the map. Here’s what it’s all about

Hear me move

Hear Me Move was shot in and around the city of Johannesburg and follows the story of Muzi, played by Nyaniso Dzedze, as he learns the truth of how his father, a famous pantsula dancer, was killed at a street dance. We watch Muzi evolve from a solo street dancer to being part of a crew, portraying his emotional journey through insane dance routines.

The dancers perform uniquely South African, urban dance styles such as sbujwa and pantsula to South African music composed by Musical Score Composer, Zethu Mashika.

The film was well-recieved when it premiered in Johannesburg earlier in February, but has made even bigger waves overseas. Hear Me Move has been shown at the Cannes Film Festival, the Glasgow Film Festival as well as the Pan African Film Festival in L.A. among others.

The film’s director, Scottnes Smith, describes the film as one that speaks about, is for, and is made by young South Africans as the story is of a “young, free, vibrant, sexy and energetic South Africa”.

Watch the official trailer here: