South African’s; are we bad dr

South African’s; are we bad drivers?

Racing to get to work, enraged within the first 10 minutes? Bad driving is the source of much anger and consternation. Let’s take a look at what makes us bad drivers and which countries have it worse.

South African’s; are we bad dr

How is your driving? If you compare yourself to most South African Taxi drivers, you are a saint. While South Africans are notoriously the most polite drivers in the world- it’s true we are almost the only nation that still practices the signature hand wave saying ‘thank-you’. Not to mention that most of us will quickly move over for those speedsters in the fast lane. But, if you’ve been on any South African roads lately you will see a mass of carnage, skid marks and crooked balustrades.


Let’s leave out the fatally unfortunate accidents which fall into a class of their own. Let’s talk about the general day to day things that drive us all mental.

Classifying bad drivers

  • People who turn without putting their flickers on, you know the ones, they are beside themselves that you dared to go when it was ‘their turn’
  • People who swerve around madly as they search for their cell phones
  • The cutters who cut you off only to continue on like a snail
  • (My personal favorite) Stopping to let one car in while another two stuff themselves through
  • Que jumpers
  • Break-hoppers
  • Black smoke polluters
  • Screamers, shouting at their partners/children too wildly to watch where they are going
  • Cell phone’s, being on them in general

We are all guilty of doing these things at some point. The biggest problem on our roads is that we are a self-important lot, we feel entitled. We believe we should be first. We drive badly because the payoff is so good, admit it! We get there faster, we are imaginably ‘less late’. But in the process we sacrifice our inner peace. Does it matter? Yes, it negatively impacts the quality of our life. Rushing, being late, stressing- it’s dangerous not to mention tiring.

Better late than never?

Rushing is the no.1 cause of bad driving. Is it really worth it? In the moment it is. Death and injury are the last things on our minds. Arriving at our destination is primo. Is there a light at the end of this tunnel? The world is full of much worse drivers than us. Take heart, us South African’s are not the worst drivers in the world! Take solace in that. Look at other major cities that are a mess of cars, cows and bicycles. Thank your lucky socks you never have to get stuck on the N1 for days, like people do on London’s M4! Take a look at these other countries featured below; a mass of confusion and multiple means of transportation!

Top Left Image Traffic in Paris, Middle Traffic in India, Top Right Traffic in China
Top Left Image Traffic in Paris, Middle Traffic in India, Top Right Traffic in China

We just need a little patience, a little less self-importance, that would go a long way. And while Taxi drivers are the bain of our collective existence, for  all the dumb stunts they perform daily. Most of us keep cool despite all this, and that adds to the good vibes. Keep adding to the good!

Go Gently,
Be Kind.

All Images: Shutterstock