SA startup RapidDeploy to offe


SA startup RapidDeploy to offer a complete hosted solution for control room operations

A local tech company is making headlines with its vision to reduce response times in an emergency and improve responder safety and situational awareness.

SA startup RapidDeploy to offe


Local tech startup, RapidDeploy has captured the attention of the world with its vision to reduce response times in an emergency and improve responder safety and situational awareness.

Following their recent partnership with multinational telecommunications company AT&T in the US, RapidDeploy announced an alliance with APD Communications to provide a complete hosted solution for control room operations globally.

The company provides an innovative cloud-based call-taking and Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) platform. The RapidDeploy system simplifies the complexity of emergency dispatch through precise address location, improved situational awareness, allocation of appropriate resources for optimised response, mobile field service apps and advanced incident management tools.

About RapidDeploy:

Born out of the emergency first responder community in Cape Town, RapidDeploy was founded by Brett Meyerowitz and was co-founded by Steven Raucher.

Supplied/ Brett Meyerowitz and Steven Raucher

After working overseas (Meyerowitz as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Raucher in investment banking) the two of them returned to Cape Town.

Here Meyerowitz worked as a paramedic. He went on to design a mobile-based platform after experiencing the challenges of working as a first responder in 2014. In the meantime, Raucher was working as a volunteer at the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) when he met Meyerowitz in 2016.

Now, RapidDeploy is modernizing 911 for law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services in the United States:

“As a South African born company, we could not be more thrilled that our homegrown, non-traditional approach to emergency services is taking off in such a competitive overseas market,” said Raucher. “Most importantly, we are realising our vision of democratising emergency services by making systems available to all communities, irrespective of scale”.

RapidDeploy also announced their partnership with APD Communications.

About APD:

APD Communications creates secure, intelligent and connected control room and fleet technologies that help organisations protect and preserve society. APD’s technology is used by 69% of UK police forces; several fire services help run the London Underground and is a key part of the critical communications infrastructure at Dubai International Airport.

RapidDeploy’s partnership with APD brings together complementary, cloud-based technologies to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of critical control operations and offer an unrivaled combination of APD’s Cortex software-only Integrated Communication Control System (ICCS) with RapidDeploy’s mission-critical dispatch solution.

Cortex is used to answer emergency calls and communicate with frontline responders in more than 70 control rooms around the world. The software brings radio, telephony, CCTV and access control together on one screen, enabling organisations to connect, collaborate and communicate rapidly and effectively.

“Our work with RapidDeploy is exciting for both businesses and also for our customers,” said APD Marketing and Sales Manager Rhiannon Beeson. “We’re changing the way control rooms operate by delivering the very latest technology and harnessing the power of the cloud to deliver truly flexible, innovative and cost-effective control room solutions for the global critical communications market.

“This new collaboration means we’re well placed to expand further into international markets and offer more organisations managing critical control operations the benefits of entirely scalable, flexible and adaptable cloud-based technologies that deliver efficient operational workflows for the entire control room.”