Somizi Fikile Mbalula joke

Image via Twitter: somizi somGAGA

Fikile Mbalula to lay criminal charges against Somizi for ‘bad joke’

Ever told a joke so bad, a minister files criminal charges against you? Fikile Mbalula has reacted strongly to Somizi’s wild lockdown claim.

Somizi Fikile Mbalula joke

Image via Twitter: somizi somGAGA

Of all the breathtaking developments we saw on Thursday night, this one flew out of leftfield before snowballing into something massive. During an Instagram Live stream on Thursday, Somizi “let the lockdown cat out of the bag” hours before President Ramaphosa announced his decision – saying Fikile Mbalula had given him the heads-up.

What Somizi said to end up in trouble with Fikile Mbalula

Unsurprisingly, the transport minister was left fuming with this admission. Somizi hopped off of the broadcast shortly after his fateful bit of namedropping – and now Mbalula is opening a criminal case against the entertainer.

The logic behind filing charges relates to the fake news provisions in the Disaster Management Act. Anyone who shares false information about the lockdown is subject to judicial punishment. By saying Fikile Mbalula was leaking information to him – when that *may* not have been the case – Somizi dropped himself in it.

“Minister Mbalula will be at the Sandton Police Station on Friday morning to report the contravention of the Government Lockdown Regulations as published under the Disaster Management Act on fake news and misinformation. This will take place at 10:00.”

Statement from Fikile Mbalula

An apology from Somizi

Somizi has since backtracked on his claims and apologised to Mbalula. He states that it was simply a “bad joke” that the minister let him know about lockdown ahead of schedule:

“It was a bad joke on my part. I did say to my colleague later that I was joking and that I never spoke to the minister at any point, I was just scaring her. Again I’m sorry for the bad joke and I apologise to the minister for such a dangerous statement.”


Fikile Mbalula to pursue criminal charges

Despite his hardline stance, Mbalula had previously indicated that he would accept Somizi’s apology. But it seems that saying sorry won’t get one of South Africa’s favourite celebrities off the hook with the minister.